Dr. Wright loved animals his whole life. Because he was a devoted pet owner and veterinarian, Dr. Wright understood the importance of meeting the needs of an exotic pet. He was a patient and thoughtful educator, always taking time to help pet owners understand the health of their pets. Al the information contained within this website was written by Dr. Wright. It was his desire to provide a site to find comprehensive information on husbandry and veterinary care for exotic pet owners. This website will remain as a way to continue to share Dr. Wright’s passion for animals, and his vast expertise in exotic pet care. Dr. Wright was a warm, fun-loving, compassionate man, a highly skilled, innovative veterinarian, and a leader in the field of reptile and amphibian medicine.

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Want to know more about your exotic pet? Find the answers from the exotic vet, Dr. Kevin Wright!

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Dr. Kevin Wright, Diplomate ABVP (Reptile & Amphibian), is the exotic vet for your exotic pet with 25 years experience

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